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Beware of imitators
who offer
inferior pens!
Ours are the FINEST
currently available anywhere,
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The Best Bait Pens,
Fish Bags, Chum Bags,
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Our Off Shore 10 Pocket Rig Bag

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Off Shore 10 Pocket Rig Bag

Off Shore 10 Pocket Rig Bag


*10 Plastic (one side) pockets*
10"W x 10"H (folded)
* Quick Clean after use*
* Easy fold and carry design*
* Velcro seal per pocket
*Strong Handy Carrying Strap *
*Available in Blue or Black*
* Secret of Top Tournament Winners! *
* Hand Made in the Good ole USA *


A Little About Our Products

A must have item, often over-looked, and very difficult to find. Our pen holds 100's of live bait, giving you the ability to store live Baits days before a tournament! Just transfer these heartier Live baits  to your live well, and start fishing immediately!


Why do you need a Pen?

Live Bait Pens are the winning choice of Champion Fishermen! 

What kinds of Products
of we offer?
Various sizes of
Bait Pens!
Chum Bags!
10 Pocket Rig Bags!

And more on the way! See our selection to the left under our Main Menu Tab!

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